1. Hi Kristin! You really made and I got an unbelievable good reed! It arrived yesterday, Saturday 1st December. You’re a gem!

      -ER, Netherlands »
    2. I just recieved two baroque reed lizard reeds, and they played perfectly, immediately! Pitch and intonation just right. »
    3. “I needed to find quality reeds when my reedmaker moved out of the country, and fortunately I found Kristin. Her reeds have a beautiful, warm sound and I particularly appreciate the fact that the pitch is right on and the reeds are very stable. They’re also very comfortable to play on without being out of [...] »
    4. I’ve been searching for someone that makes good reeds for my Saxon oboe and finally found the Lizard! Great quality reeds, fast shipping time and very friendly to answer questions. If you have a Robinson Saxon oboe these reeds are made for you! »