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When will I get my reeds?

It always depends on how many orders are ahead of yours, what supplies are in stock, and what kind of order you make. Special order reeds may take a long time, while standard reeds may be very quick. Current wait times are around 3-6 weeks depending on what you order. For more information on the wait time of your order, or if you have been waiting a while, just email me!


Will the 50mm baroque reed work for my oboe?

Probably! Especially if you play Saxon, Denner, or Stanesby models. Keep in mind that you will likely have to add string to the bottom for Denner, and take a little off for Stanesby… If you have some other oboe, it might be best to ask me before ordering, at info@reedlizard.com


I am at high altitude! What do I do?

Email me! I often have smaller diameters of cane for those reeds…


Can I have lessons?

Of course! I live in New York and teach modern and baroque oboe lessons, and also reed making lessons for either modern or baroque. Don’t hesitate to email info@reedlizard.com for rates and information.


Can you come teach a seminar or group class?

Yes! I am available to teach groups of oboists or other musicians of all levels in reed making, baroque performance practice, historical instrument information, etc., and I am also willing to travel in order to do this. I have done outreach for K-12 students all over New York. Email info@reedlizard.com for more information and to set something up!


I am a baroque wind player from out of town and I heard you sometimes set up masterclasses with visiting artists… can I get some more information about that?

Just email me! I do set up classes in order to bring wind players of all backgrounds together to learn, discuss, and share. For more info, send a message to info@reedlizard.com


Can I sell my used instrument through you?

Of course! For a 10% commission on the selling price, I’m happy to post and promote your instrument. Email me for more info.


Why a Lizard?

Why not? Aren’t they adorable!?!?!